Yen Kim Tao, L.C.S.W.

Ms. Yen Kim "Monic" Tao has nearly 20 years of experience providing therapy in various modalities, including children & families, individuals, couples, and group.

In a non-judgmental, culturally-sensitive, and safe environment, Ms. Tao partners with Clients to discover and use their unsung strengths and resources (Strengths-based therapy), as well as to develop other strategies, skills and supports (Skills-Building), to achieve their therapeutic goals such as managing depressive and anxiety disorders better, recover from trauma, create better relationships, better manage stress and anger, and prevent relapse. Within this therapeutic partnership, Client and Counselor work to explore ways to “do things differently and do different things”, a tenet of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to achieve a “different result”, the therapeutic goal, and lasting changes in thinking, feelings, and behavior.

Ms. Tao always welcomes feedback from Clients throughout the therapeutic process to further tailor the relationship and the work to meet the needs of the Client and to ensure that it progresses at the Client’s pace.

Ms. Tao holds a masters degree in Social Work as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University. She has also taught at Southeastern Louisiana State University’s Social Work Program. In addition to providing direct services, Ms. Tao has provided supervision to other therapists at a Rural Mental Health Treatment Center and at a Family Resource Center specializing in child abuse and neglect. She was director of the Louisiana Healthy Marriages Initiative of the Federal AFC’s Healthy Marriages Initiative in which she provided technical support and trained the trainer for the implementation of a nationally-acclaimed Couples Skills course in 30 centers throughout Louisiana.
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Yen Kim Tao, L.C.S.W.

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